The Last Farewell

The Naturalism

Giulia + Gautier
Fashion Editor
Peter Cardona
Kristof Pituk
I Love Models Management
Giosuè Napolitano
Elite Models
Matthew Mccabe
Next Management
Frederik Lindberg
Next Management
Matteo Bartolini
Freelancer Agency using Cock Grease
Special Thanks
Ephoto Production

Frederik wears Total Look SALVATORE FERRAGAMO, Kristof wears Jacket, Gilet & Trousers TRUSSARDI, Boots SALVATORE FERRAGAMO, Matthew wears Total Look MANUEL RITZ, Giosuè wears Total Look PAUL SMITH.


Matthew wears Total Look BRIONI.


Matthew wears Total Look BRIONI, Frederik wears Total Look EMPORIO ARMANI.


Matthew wears Shirt BALLY, Blanket DOPPIAA.


Matthew wears Sweater SALVATORE FERRAGAMO, Pants PAUL SMITH, Boots BALLY, Giosuè wears Cardigan & Pants PAL ZILERI, Kristof wears Cardigan & Boots CORNELIANI, Pants PAL ZILERI.


Giosuè wears Coat No Sleeves VALENTINO, Coat, Shirt & Pants PAL ZILERI, Matthew wears Gilet ISABEL BENENATO, Suits & Sweater ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA, Kristof wears Total Look ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA, Frederik wears Total Look VALENTINO.


Kristof wears Jacket N21, Turtleneck ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA.


Kristof wears Coat, Scarf & Shirt DOPPIAA, Matthew wears Total Look GABRIELE PASINI, Frederik wears Total Look GABRIELE PASINI.




Kristof Total Look EMPORIO ARMANI, Giosuè wears Suit DRUMOHR, Turtleneck DOPPIAA, Shirt CORNELIANI.


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