Vintage Selection

Vintage Selection

Alessandro Squarzi

Vintage has been my passion ever since I was a kid. During the 1980s, I would wander around thrift shops, looking for hidden gems: Levi’s Big E, army jackets, leather jackets from the US…
Over the years, many of these items became part of my personal collection, and they are now quite valuable and expensive. It’s impossible to describe the emotion I feel when, after searching through piles of “old stuff” in a warehouse, I find the item I had long been looking for, maybe a rare and unique item exactly your size that seems tailor- made just for you! Ah, sweet victory! This is a feeling you will never have when you walk in a trendy shop and buy an article available in many colors and sizes.
Each vintage item tells a story and has its own soul. I prefer clothing coming from the military, denims from the 50s to 70s and leather jackets from the 30s to 50s. These garments are an integral part of certain historical periods. They have become icons of their time and they involve and influence contemporary fashion as well.

This aspect has always fascinated me, so as time went by I tried to learn more. My personal collection grew and I continued my research.

Utility Jacket
US Marine Corps | World War II, the Pacific theater


A jacket used by the USMC in the Pacific during the WWII.
This jacket was not used in battle; the Marines wore it during trench digging and camp preparation; hence the name “Utility Jacket”.
The special herringbone twill was designed to allow perspiration despite the very hot climate. This item is very rare, as it still has all the original buttons and bears the USMC insignia on the breast pocket.

N1 Deck Jacket
US Navy | World War II


This is one of the most iconic jackets of that time. Paul Newman, Steve McQueen and James Dean used to wear this model. This jacket was worn on US Navy ships in the winter, together with overalls in the same material. This item is especially rare as it was used by the Coast Guard. They no longer make garments like this, in terms of bulk, fit and wearability. This is a cult item that can be worn with casual jeans as well as smart clothes.

G-1 Flight Jacket
Korean War


This model, made in goatskin with a mouton collar, was first used during World War II and then in the Korean and Vietnam wars. This specific jacket is from the Korean War, as shown by the US Navy stencil on the collar.
The jackets from the Vietnam era had the sign on the zipper. The pilot wearing this jacket had it altered: he had a pen pocket applied on the left arm, something that was not present on the original model. Moreover, the handwritten notes that were found in the inner pocket make this jacket a truly unique item.

Buco studded leather
Biker Jacket


This is a Buco jacket from the 1950s in horsehide with a Talon zipper (a brand used both in civilian and military clothing). I really love this jacket and have many similar to this in my collection, dating from the 40s to the 60s. Although all Buco jackets may look alike, they are not at all the same. They were hand-made and the tartan lining of the interior is always different. The Buco brand has now been purchased by the Japanese Real McCoy’s, which produces quite faithful replicas of the original models.

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