Moscow Fashion Week

Senior Fashion Editor Marco Dellassette

Moscow Fashion Week

Senior Fashion Editor Marco Dellassette

Moscow, the most populous metropolis on the European continent and the main economic, financial and cultural center of Russia, opens its doors to journalist and buyers from all over the world for MBMFW, Russian Fashion Week.
To frame the event, an alpha-city deeply focused on worldwide culture, history and style.
Over four hundred museums, two hundred and fifty theaters and ten thousand cultural landmarks offer a 360 degrees view of the Russian and world artistic scene.

Over 1600 Russian journalists and 150 foreign journalists are welcomed in the sumptuous Manège Palace, a 19th century Empire-style building, where over one hundred designers from fourteen different Countries take turns in five days, divided into two main pavilions, Futurum and Global Hall.

A strong majority of female guests strikes the eyes, the local fashion system is in fact almost exclusively reserved for women, and the catwalks underline this vibe.

Women’s fashion is the focus of all collections, the designers range from elegant looks with a classic and conventional flavour, to trendy sportswear ones of USA inspiration, presenting both market-conscious collections and experimental ones.
Men’s fashion, even if less prominent, looked refined and pushed to a very high level.
Classic tailoring clothes contaminated with streetwear, avant-garde cuts and silhouettes, tech wear, all reflecting the eclectic style of the various urban scenes of the city, showing deeper and more artistic inspirations.

Russia is a fast growing market, and its fervent and fashion-oriented audience will take MBMFW to the same level of the major four New York, London, Milan and Paris very soon.

Soji Solarin

Sergey Sysoev

Roma Uvarov

Product Of Imitation


N. Legenda

MLTV Clothing Sweden





AWS (After Work Studio)

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