The Traveler Vintage

Photographer Sarah McBridge
Vintage Editor Alessandro Squarzi

The Traveler Vintage

Alessandro Squarzi

Photographer Sarah McBridge
Vintage Editor Alessandro Squarzi

“Vintage has been my passion ever since I was a child”

For the second time, I’ve made a selection from my archive of four must-have pieces for a gipsy classic look. Summer means light clothes, minimal design and pastel palette. Indigo blue is the chosen color to recall US Navy’s uniform; timeless icons such as James Dean, Marlon Brando and Steve McQueen are the people who have inspired me.

When I travel, I like to mix easywear and iconic accessories; what really matters is that my personality stands up in every situation.

For this section I chose one of my favorite outfits that never goes out of style: a neck bandana rolled up inside a cotton white t-shirt, paired with the right denim. Because less is always more.

Elephant Brand bandana
A very typical accessory that everybody wore in the 60s, from cow-boys to bikers, was the bandana. Elephant Brand is a New York company founded in 1894 and was the first to introduce this new menswear’s piece.
The peculiarity of this chosen model is the Indigo blue cotton yarn, along with the traditional drop print called “paisley”, originally from Indian and Persian culture.

US NAVY denim shirt
The US navy wore this chambray shirt as a working uniform from 40s to 60s. This piece has a simple yet timeless design and his buttons, straight from the second world war, are called “Blue Cat’s Eyes”. The shirt in the pictures was worn during the Vietnam War, near the delta of Mekong river. During the 70s, this historical garment became part of men’s closets as an everyday piece.

Levi’s jeans Big “E”
The Big “E” is a Levi’s jeans launched in the market during the 60s. Its peculiarity is the red label on the back with the capital “E” in the word Levi’s, as a sign of authenticity.
Another characteristic of this jeans is the external seam on the left leg: it turns on the inner of the ankle. This detail was considered a blemish which lead the company to interrupt the production; since then this model became a must-have for collectors. Few years laters, Japanese designers recreate this feature turning it into a distinctive trait.

Iconic White T-Shirt

1898: sailors became fashion pioneers wearing this evergreen for the first time. Soon the t-shirt was modified to get the shape we all know, and the US Navy started to wear it under its wool uniforms. Since then one of the history’s most famous piece gained popularity: it was a must for lower class people, as it was cheap and easy to wash.
The white one in the pictures comes from the worldwide leading company “Fruit of the Loom”, whose cotton is legendary. Starting from the 50s, icons as Marlon Brando (“A streetcar named
Desire”, 1951) and James Dean (“Rebel without a cause”, 1955) took the t-shirt to a whole new level, making it a key piece for the gentlemen’s wardrobe.

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